Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii

Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii
Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii

Our Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Oahu tours depart at 3pm daily consequently its conveniently located close to Waikiki Beach hotels. Depart on a relaxing sail through Oahu’s beautiful waters from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. Enjoy a trip along the Waikiki Coast to the snorkeling site, Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki. Relax and take in the incredible Diamond Head views and the calm pacific seas of Waikiki.

Once arriving at Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon you’ll enjoy snorkeling among large schools of reef fish, and large Hawaiian green sea turtles. Swim and snorkel amongst some of Waikiki’s most amazing reefs, and take in the serenity of a afternoon catamaran sail. This snorkeling spot is known by locals for the huge numbers of Hawaiian green sea turtles that swim amongst the reef in Waikiki.

While snorkeling with schools of reef fish swim around, you’ll notice several sea turtles come up to the surface to say Hello. Meanwhile, even the spectators relaxing on the boat will be amazed by the size of these huge turtles in Waikiki. We also frequently spot the spinner dolphins as they play alongside the bow of the catamaran.

Snorkeling with sea turtles at Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon

 In conclusion, we are sure you’ll love the Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii. Simply put, a great afternoon of Snorkeling in Waikiki. We provide all snorkeling equipment and basic instruction. This Turtle Canyon Snorkeling tour is suitable for even first timer snorkelers. Just jump into the refreshing waters of Waikiki and snorkel with turtles, schools of fish, and some incredible marine life.

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