Top 5 Honolulu Snorkeling Tour Ideas

We are often asked about our recommendations and what are the top 5 Honolulu Snorkeling Tour ideals. The list below is the activities most popular and highly recommend with locals in Honolulu.

Top 5 Honolulu Snorkeling Tour Ideas
Top 5 Honolulu Snorkeling Tour Ideas
  • #1 Family Snorkeling tours are an amazing way for everyone to enjoy Honolulu. Moms, dads, children and even grandparents marvel over the amazing large sea turtles here in Honolulu.
  • #2 Snorkeling tours with turtles in Honolulu is the one thing everyone wants to do. Being up close and personal while snorkeling with these huge turtles is on everyone’s list.
  • #3 Private snorkeling charters are also available and extremely popular with even those on a budget in Honolulu. Private charters are very affordable and so much more relaxing having your very own catamaran to use.
  • #4 Children’s snorkeling tours are often the most fun youngsters have while on vacation in Honolulu. Just seeing the turtles is exciting but snorkeling along side puts this tour over the top for most children.
  • #5 Couples snorkeling tours for that special bonding activity in Honolulu. What better way to share time with your loved one than snorkeling on vacation in Honolulu.

Waikiki Turtle Snorkeling Catamaran Charters

Waikiki turtle snorkeling catamaran charters are very popular in Hawaii. The Kahala Kai is one of the most favorite catamarans in Waikiki featuring daily snorkeling and sunset cruises. In conclusion, to ensure your groups availability for snorkeling tours in Waikiki, see our online reservation calendar.

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