Why Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours Are Amazing

Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours
Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours
Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours

One of the top question asked by visitors is “Where can I watch the sunset in Waikiki?” truthfully the answer is from an ocean view. Our Waikiki sunset sailing tours tend to be the most memorable and intimate experiences our guest take back home. If your ready to see an amazing sunset from an incredible viewpoint we have you covered! Above all, we want to ensure your experience aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran is the highlighted tour on your Hawaiian vacation.

Oahu Catamarans offers unforgettable memories as the Hawaiian sunsets into the horizon. Experience an array of light while on the pacific ocean. The serene adventure uniqueness of Diamond Head and the Waikiki skyline at sunset is amazing. Overall, whether you’re looking to get out for an adventure on our catamaran or snorkel about turtle canyon reef, satisfy your adventurous side with one of our unique tours in Waikiki!

Honolulu Activities, Snorkeling Charters

Honolulu activities
Beautiful Honolulu activities

See beautiful Waikiki beach and Diamond head views from the pacific ocean aboard the Kahala kai catamaran. Most popular Honolulu activities for example, the amazing Hilton fireworks every Friday night on our sunset cruise in Waikiki. In addition, swim and snorkel the calm pacific ocean waters of Waikiki beach.

Experience an amazing catamaran snorkeling charter along the shores of Honolulu to Turtle Canyon for snorkeling with Hawaiian green sea turtles and siting spinner dolphins. Above all, the most popular water sport to enjoy in Honolulu is snorkeling with Turtles.