Experience Luxury and Adventure with Kahala Kai Catamaran

Unforgettable Private Charters in Honolulu

When the call of the Hawaiian waters beckons, Kahala Kai Catamaran stands as the pinnacle of choice for a blend of luxury and adventure. Nestled in the heart of Kewalo Basin harbor in Honolulu, our charter service beckons families and small groups to embark on a voyage of exploration and relaxation across the open sea.

Advantages of Choosing Kahala Kai Catamaran

  1. Intimate Escapes: Escaping the crowds of public cruises, Kahala Kai Catamaran crafts private charters, enveloping you in a world of intimacy and seclusion. Our capacious and well-equipped vessel ensures an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, sculpting an experience tailored to each passenger.
  2. Tailored Diversity: Recognizing the diversity in group preferences, we unfold an array of packages catering to your desires. Whether you crave the thrill of snorkeling adventures, the allure of sunset sails, or the marvel of observing majestic whales in their natural habitat, Kahala Kai Catamaran delivers an unforgettable escapade.
  3. Caring Crew: At the heart of your Kahala Kai Catamaran journey stands our crew – stewards of both the Hawaiian waters and your enjoyment. Their expertise, friendliness, and professionalism ensure your safety and satisfaction, allowing you to relish the voyage alongside your loved ones.

What to Expect on a Kahala Kai Catamaran Charter

Experience Luxury and Adventure with Kahala Kai Catamaran
Experience Luxury and Adventure with Kahala Kai Catamaran
  • Luxurious Comfort: Stepping onto Kahala Kai Catamaran unveils a realm of lavish comfort. Sink into plush seating, seek refuge under ample shade, and revel in ample space to roam and unwind.
  • Panoramic Views: The cabin’s expansive windows serve as your portal to breathtaking vistas. Gaze upon the unadulterated beauty of the Hawaiian waters, with the islands weaving an exquisite tapestry against the horizon. Our customizable itineraries promise a parade of Honolulu’s most awe-inspiring sights.
  • Activity Extravaganza: The charter’s course depends on your chosen package. Engage in thrilling snorkeling forays, indulge in refreshing swims amidst crystalline waters, or embark on heart-pounding whale-watching expeditions. Every inclination finds its fulfillment aboard Kahala Kai Catamaran.

Book Your Private Catamaran Charter Today

Should you seek a private and serene voyage through the Hawaiian waters, Kahala Kai Catamaran beckons. Anchored by our unwavering vessel, adept crew, and customizable options, we promise a voyage imprinted with unforgettable experiences.

Secure your spot today, embarking on a journey that melds luxury, adventure, and the unspoiled beauty of nature. Treasure the memories to be woven as you navigate the enchanting Hawaiian waters with Kahala Kai Catamaran.

In Summation, Kahala Kai Catamaran extends an invitation to a private and personal sojourn through Hawaiian waters. With vessels adorned in luxury, a crew steeped in professionalism, and bespoke packages, your journey will surely etch unforgettable memories. Secure your passage today, ready to embark on an unparalleled adventure.

Private Catamaran Charters at Their Finest

Waikiki Snorkeling with Oahu Catamarans

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do in Honolulu? Kahala Kai Catamaran is your one-stop shop at the Kewalo Basin marina. Activities aboard our private catamaran charters range from snorkeling with turtles to hosting special events and parties to sunset excursions. Our dedication to quality guarantees that you will have an experience you will never forget.

Private catamaran excursions for turtle snorkeling are available from Kahala Kai Catamaran. You should not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Imagine swimming next to these kind creatures in their native environment, where the water is pure and the scenery is breathtaking. Our knowledgeable staff will take you to the greatest snorkeling locations and supply you with everything you need to have a fun and secure time underwater.

Private Catamaran Charters at Their Finest
Private Catamaran Charters at Their Finest

An Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Snorkel with Turtles

There is a wide variety of marine life to be seen while snorkeling, from tropical fish to thriving coral reefs. The local ecosystem is of great interest to our team, and they will gladly share their knowledge with you.

Celebrate Special Occasions and Private Parties in Grand Fashion

Private events and celebrations are at home on the Kahala Kai Catamaran. Our private catamaran excursions are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or just have a nice time with friends. Up to 49 passengers can comfortably travel on our catamaran. The catamaran’s spacious decks are perfect for mingling with fellow passengers and taking in the breathtaking sights of Honolulu’s shoreline.

Catering, music, and décor for private charters can be tailored to your preferences. Without a doubt, our staff will accommodate your unique needs and desires to produce an unforgettable experience. Use the Kahala Kai Catamaran to party in style.


Evening cruises at sunset are incredibly relaxing and romantic.

To mark a particular occasion or simply to unwind at the end of a long day, nothing beats a sunset cruise. Watch the sky turn from blue to orange and then pink as you stroll along Honolulu’s coast. This is an incredible adventure that will renew your spirit and change your life forever.

In sum, a trip aboard the Kahala Kai Catamaran is unlike anything else you can do in Honolulu. Our private catamaran cruises make any event unique, whether you’re snorkeling with turtles, celebrating an anniversary, or just looking to relax and take in the sunset. Hawaii has stunning coastlines, and a charter is the best way to see them in style.

Ultimate Experience in Private Catamaran Charters

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Honolulu? Look no further than Kahala Kai Catamaran, located at the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. Our private catamaran charters offer a variety of activities, including snorkeling with turtles, private parties and occasions, and evening sunset cruises. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you will have a memorable time on the water.

Snorkeling with Turtles: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

At Kahala Kai Catamaran, we offer private catamaran charters for snorkeling with turtles. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. Imagine swimming alongside these gentle creatures in their natural habitat, surrounded by crystal clear water and stunning scenery. Our experienced crew will guide you to the best spots and provide all the necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience.

During your snorkeling adventure, you will also to see other marine life, such as colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs. Our crew is knowledgeable about the local ecosystem and will share their insights with you, making this an educational as well as a fun experience.

Private Parties and Occasions: Celebrate in Style

Kahala Kai Catamaran is the perfect venue for private parties and occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to have a good time with friends, our private catamaran charters offer a unique and memorable experience. Our spacious catamaran can accommodate up to 49 guests. The catamaran providing ample space for socializing and enjoying the beautiful views of Honolulu’s coastline.

We can customize our private charters to suit your needs, including catering, music, and decorations. Certainly, our crew will work with you to create a personalized experience that reflects your style and preferences. Celebrate in style with Kahala Kai Catamaran.

Evening Sunset Cruises: A Romantic and Relaxing Experience

For a romantic and relaxing experience, book an evening sunset cruise with Kahala Kai Catamaran. Watch the sun dip below the horizon as you sail along the coast, sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Our crew will take care of everything, from providing comfortable seating to serving delicious appetizers.

An evening sunset cruise is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, or just to unwind after a busy day. Take in the beauty of Honolulu’s coastline as the colors of the sky change from blue to orange to pink. This is a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

In conclusion, Kahala Kai Catamaran offers a unique and unforgettable experience in Honolulu. Whether you’re snorkeling with turtles, celebrating a special occasion, or enjoying an evening sunset cruise, our private catamaran charters provide a personalized and memorable experience. Book your charter today and experience the beauty of Hawaii’s coastline in style.

Private and Relaxing Way to Explore Honolulu

Private Boat Catamaran Charters And Rentals

Kahala Kai Catamaran, a luxury catamaran charter service located at Kewalo Basin harbor in Honolulu. We provide an unforgettable experience for those seeking a private escape on the Hawaiian waters. With our crewed boat and personalized attention, Kahala Kai Catamaran makes for a perfect getaway for families, and small groups.

Advantages of Choosing Kahala Kai Catamaran

  • A private and intimate experience: Unlike crowded public cruises, Kahala Kai Catamaran offers private charters for a more personalized and intimate experience. The boat is spacious and well-equipped, offering a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for passengers.
  • A variety of packages: Kahala Kai Catamaran offers a range of packages to suit the needs of different groups, including snorkeling adventures, sunset sails, whale watching, and more. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time on the water.
  • Professional and friendly crew: The crew at Kahala Kai Catamaran are not only knowledgeable about the Hawaiian waters and its surroundings, but also friendly and professional, ensuring that every passenger has a safe and enjoyable experience.

What to Expect on a Kahala Kai Catamaran Charter

  • A luxurious and comfortable boat: Kahala Kai Catamaran features comfortable seating, shade, and plenty of space for passengers to move around.
  • Stunning views: Kahala Kai Catamaran is equipped with large windows in the cabin area, providing unobstructed views of the Hawaiian waters and the surrounding islands. With the ability to customize your itinerary, you’re sure to see some of the most breathtaking sights in Honolulu.
  • A variety of activities: Depending on the package you choose, you can expect to participate in a variety of activities. For example, snorkeling, swimming, whale watching, and more. There’s something for everyone on a Kahala Kai Catamaran charter.

Book Your Private Catamaran Charter Today

Looking for a private and relaxing way to explore the Hawaiian waters, look no further than Kahala Kai Catamaran. With their dependable boat, professional crew, and customizable packages, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience on the water. Book your charter today and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, Kahala Kai Catamaran is the perfect choice when seeking a private and intimate escape on the Hawaiian waters. With their luxurious boats and professional crew, you’re sure to have a memorable time on the water. Book your charter today and experience the beauty of Hawaii like never before.

Catamaran Rentals Private Honolulu Boat Charters

Private Boat Charters

Private boat rentals in Honolulu are perfect for those seeking catamarans charters. Catamaran rentals are perfectly suited for the waters of Hawaii. Having one’s own private boat use is an exclusivity that is more cost efficient than you may realize. Feel free to bring any food, snacks and BYOB but limited to guests over 21 drinking responsibly please. The Kahala Kai is spacious and accommodating for up to 48 guests onboard. Having both covered as well as open air seating is very convenient. Another important feature of this catamaran are the twin restrooms for when nature calls.

Catamaran Rentals Private Honolulu Boat Charters
Catamaran Rentals Private Honolulu Boat Charters

Honolulu Boat Rental Price Rates

We are please to offer some of the best rates for Honolulu boat rentals. Even though the price of everything has gone up nowadays, our prices are very reasonable. Our commitment to past and future guests on rate comparisons remains strong. Please see our online calendar for reservation availability and of course feel free to call us.