Private Catamaran Boat Rentals In Waikiki

Oahu boat rentals and catamaran charters have never been easier. Experience a private catamaran rental for your family and friends while in Waikiki. A private boat rental is also an amazing idea for family snorkeling tours. Truly having a privately chartered catamaran is the ultimate snorkel experience in Waikiki. While vacationing in Hawaii use Oahu Catamarans for rental of your next Waikiki catamaran tour.

The Kahala Kai catamaran is affordable and accommodating, with spacious ample covered seating as well as open air benches. While many tourists are looking for party boat rentals in Honolulu, few understand how easy and inexpensive it is to rent a private yacht or catamaran. Even a small boat rental in Honolulu is the same if not cheaper than most group tour rates. Call us today to reserve your Private Catamaran Boat Rentals In Waikiki.

Honolulu Private Catamaran Charters Hawaii

Oahu Catamarans has now made it easier to obtain private boat charters with exclusive use for your guests. Your group will have an amazing time aboard your very own private boat rental in Honolulu. We will help make it a huge success if you have an upcoming special event! With our boat charter rentals, you can get in the Hawaiian waters in style with endless sunshine and light trade winds. Try something unique for your celebration, and make some incredible memories aboard our Honolulu catamaran. In conclusion, we’re here to ensure you the best private party boat charter in Honolulu at extremely affordable rates.

Exclusive Honolulu Catamaran Rentals And Charters

Our catamaran is 38′ x 18′ in overall length, spacious, and certainly a convent rental boat for group and private charters in Hawaii. Above all, our catamaran rental is Coast Guard certified for 49 passengers on board for safety and comfort. If you’re looking to rent a private boat then call us today to reserve, we have you covered! 

Your Hawaii Private Catamaran Cruise

Book today and get ready for your Hawaii private catamaran cruise. Experience the best of snorkeling with turtles, sightseeing, and sunset cruising aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran. You will fall in love with the enchanting panoramic views of Honolulu. We offer private boat rentals to ensure those special memories remain forever special. With our boat charter rentals, you can get out on the Hawaiian waters in style with light trade winds and endless sunshine. If you’re looking to rent a party boat then looks no further we have you covered! If you’re wondering about the cost to rent a party boat for your special event, you’ll be amazed at how affordable it is.

Truly, there’s nothing quite like a Hawaiian island vacation. This is the best way to enjoy the waters of Oahu, sights, and a relaxing Hawaiian atmosphere. What is more relaxing than exploring the Waikiki coastline, snorkeling in the waters of Oahu, or basking in the Hawaiian sunshine? It’s no wonder that guests flock aboard catamaran cruises in Honolulu to indulge in all the amazing activities. Above all, Oahu locals and visitors alike love this wonderful catamaran cruise in Honolulu!See our availability on private Oahu boat rentals and join us on our catamaran charters offering perfect Hawaiian memories.

Oahu Private Catamaran Cruise Rentals

Oahu Private Catamaran Cruise Rentals

You really must experience the optional private Honolulu tours we offer for special occasions. Come onboard a private Waikiki catamaran rental for your next group outing in Oahu. You’ll have an amazing time on the water and certainly be safe on your private Oahu boat cruise with only your group onboard. Whether sightseeing and snorkeling with turtles or taking in the amazing sunset cruise, our boat charters are available for the experience. Our guests marvel at the breathtaking views of Diamond Head and the Waikiki beach shoreline. Now featuring afternoon snorkeling turtle tours and sunset sailing charters daily! If you value your time and experience, the private charter cost is certainly exceptionally priced.

Oahu Private Catamaran Cruise Rentals
Oahu Private Catamaran Cruise Rentals

While it appears difficult and costly, at Oahu Catamarans we have made it easy to obtain a private boat charter. In conclusion, nothing is more memorable than a special event held on a private catamaran charter.  In conclusion. feel assured our staff at Oahu Catamarans are fully committed to providing an amazing private boat charter experience at an incredibly low price. Convenient online booking reservation system to ensure safe transactions and available space on our popular tours.

Honolulu Private Boat Charters Rentals

Experience a catamaran charter rental exclusively for your family and friends in Waikiki. Why choose a crowded boat charter when our private charters are priced right for family on vacation in Waikiki. Thinking of renting a private yacht for a day? Oahu Catamarans now rents an inclusive boat charter, a fully crewed catamaran charter for your leisure. A private boat rental is amazing for family snorkeling tours, having a privately chartered catamaran is the ultimate snorkel experience in Waikiki.

Party Boat Rentals In Oahu, Private Charters

Private catamaran charters are truly less expensive than you would think. The Kahala Kai catamaran has been offering private and group boat charters and tours for over 20 years. Many of our past guests have said that this was by far the highlight of their Hawaiian vacation. Our Waikiki catamaran is spacious, featuring covered and open-air seating as well as two onboard restrooms. Booking your charter has never been easier with a convenient online reservation calendar. Call us today to inquire about pricing and do the math, often it is the same or cheaper than group tours.