Private Charters Boat Rentals In Oahu

The KAHALA KAI catamaran of Oahu offers private boat tours in Honolulu. Experience a catamaran charter rental exclusively for your family and friends in Waikiki. A private boat rental is amazing for family snorkeling tours, having a privately chartered catamaran is the ultimate snorkel experience in Waikiki. There simply is no better way to enjoy the waters of Oahu than onboard our Waikiki catamaran. The best charter boat experience, especially during our snorkeling tours, is having a private boat with exclusive use for only your group. Private catamaran charters are truly less expensive than you would think. Call us today to inquire on pricing and do the math, often its the same or cheaper than group tours.

Private Waikiki Catamaran Charter Rentals
Private Waikiki Catamaran Charter Rentals

Party Boat Rentals Honolulu Catamaran Charters

Explore the waters of Hawaii on your private Honolulu catamaran charter. Relax and celebrate aboard a private party boat reserved for your group of friends and family. Our Waikiki catamaran, the KAHALA KAI is spacious, featuring both covered and open air seating, additional a rarity of two onboard restrooms. This is something guests on every party boat rental in Waikiki are envious of when nature calls.

Why Use Private Boat Rentals In Oahu

How much is it to rent a catamaran in Oahu and why Use private boat rentals in Oahu?
Private boat rentals in Oahu are perfect for those seeking Waikiki catamarans and it’s a great type of boat, perfectly suited for the Hawaiian waters. Thinking of renting a private yacht for a day? Oahu Catamarans now rents an inclusive boat charter, a fully crewed catamaran charters for your leisure.

Oahu boat rentals and catamaran charters have never been easier. While in Hawaii use Oahu Catamarans for rental of  your next Waikiki catamaran tour. For catamaran tours along the shores of Waikiki, you’ll experience amazing views of the Waikiki coastline aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran. Many of our past guests have said that this was by far the highlight of their Hawaiian vacation.

Private Waikiki Catamaran Charter Rentals
Private Waikiki Catamaran Charter Rentals

Party Boat Rentals In Oahu, Private Charters

Customize your party boat rentals in Oahu with for example, private snorkeling tours and sunset sailing charters in Honolulu. The Kahala Kai catamaran is an ideal for birthday party boat celebrations in Waikiki. Sure you can visit some restaurant in Waikiki or try something unique with a party boat rental in Waikiki.

Top 5 Reasons For Waikiki Private Charters

Here at Oahu Catamarans is our list of the top 5 reasons for Waikiki private charters. When planning your next vacation in Oahu, be sure to include these spectacular private Waikiki tours we now offer.

  • Family Snorkeling, having a private catamaran is the ultimate tour experience in Waikiki.
  • Sunset Cruise, yet another ideal private Waikiki tour experience at the end of the day.
  • Private Sightseeing, having a charter boat exclusively for your party! This is truly the best way to experience the crystal clear waters of Waikiki.
  • Whale Watching, the most fun ever on a private boat rental aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran during whale season.
  • Exclusive Use, having a private party boat in Waikiki for only you group of friends.

Kahala Kai Waikiki Catamaran Charters

Top 5 Reasons For Waikiki Private Charters
Top 5 Reasons For Waikiki Private Charters

The Kahala Kai catamaran has been offering private and group boat charters and tours for over 20 years. Our Waikiki catamaran is spacious, featuring covered and open air seating as well as two onboard restrooms. Booking your charter has never been easier with a convenient online reservation calendar. With that been said, please feel free to call or email us as well.

5 TOP Honolulu Private Boat Rental Ideas

Here at Oahu Catamarans we have comprised a list of our 5 top Honolulu private boat rental ideas for you. Overall, Boat rental services in Honolulu tend to be varied and sometimes confusing. The Kahala Kai catamaran is here to clarify and provide useful information on Honolulu’s best boat charters.

  • 1 – Private Family Snorkeling Tour. This tour is by far our most popular for families as it is something everyone can enjoy. The children will marvel over the huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of tropical fish.
  • 2 – Private Waikiki Sunset Cruise. Nothing is more relaxing than viewing the sunset aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran. Sit back unwind an relax as our crew navigate the waters of Honolulu.
  • 3 – Private Catamaran Party Boat. We are certain party people will enjoy this unique way to celebrate any special occasion. Most importantly, be sure to book early as holidays fill fast!
  • 4 – Private Boat Charter Fireworks. Enjoy the best seat in the house for Hilton’s Friday night fireworks. Every week the Hilton hotel sets off a fantastic display and there is no better vantage point than for the sea.
  • 5 – Private Afternoon Boat Charter. Let us know your desires, cruising and snorkeling in Waikiki exclusively for your group.

Catamaran Charters And Boat Rentals In Honolulu

5 TOP Honolulu Private Boat Rental Ideas
5 TOP Honolulu Private Boat Rental Ideas

Overall, when looking for catamaran charters in Honolulu, be sure to call us for availability or check our online reservation calendar. After all, you deserve the best price and service on boat rentals in Honolulu and we aim to please.

Best 5 Waikiki Sunset Cruise Ideas

Visitors to the island of Oahu appreciate our best 5 Waikiki sunset cruise ideas for vacation planning. Our guest have stated these are the best activities when cruising in Waikiki. Take a look at our list and be sure to call or continently book online to reserve your Waikiki sunset cruise aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran.

  • Number 1 on our list is the private sunset cruise exclusively for you group of up to 28 passengers.
  • Number 2 is birthday celebrations. What better and more unique way than aboard a Waikiki catamaran at sunset.
  • Our third rated charter is for special occasions such as, wedding anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette parties and intimate sunset proposals.
  • Number 4 sunset idea is the romantic Waikiki sunset charter. Nothing is more romantic than cruising in Waikiki at sunset with your loved one.
  • Last on our list of sunset cruise ideas and number 5 is the after work sunset party. Visitors and locals alike highly recommend unwinding after a long day and seeing a beautiful sunset in Waikiki.

Ultimate Cruise, Waikiki Sunset Charter

Having a private boat exclusively for your group is the ultimate cruise experience, especially on Waikiki sunset charters. Private catamaran charters are more reasonably priced than most expect. After all, you time on the islands is valuable and we are certain our privately chartered catamaran will accommodate your needs and desires. We now offer a convent online reservation calendar for easy bookings.