Waikiki Turtle Snorkeling Tours Await

Get ready for an amazing experience in our Waikiki turtle snorkeling tours. We set sail for Turtle Canyon every afternoon from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. Adults and children of all ages can participate in this adventurous Waikiki snorkeling tour.

Overall, Turtle Canyon is the best location for snorkeling with turtles in Waikiki. Most importantly, you’ll encounter amazingly huge Hawaiian green sea turtles at the Waikiki snorkeling site. Experience Waikiki from sea aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran for an incredible afternoon of fun. You will find that for instance, the huge schools of tropical fish at turtle canyon is amazing as well.

Kahala Kai Catamaran Waikiki Charters

Waikiki Turtle Snorkeling Tours Await
Waikiki Turtle Snorkeling Tours Await

The Kahala Kai is one of the most popular Waikiki catamarans offering snorkeling and sunset cruises. Our Waikiki catamaran, the Kahala Kai is spacious for group or private charters. The charter boat is 38’ in length and 18’ in width and features both open air as well as covered seating. Another important feature is the 2 restrooms onboard for your convenience. In conclusion, to ensure availability for snorkeling tours in Waikiki, see our online reservation calendar.

Turtle Snorkeling Tours In Honolulu

Everyday afternoon turtle snorkeling tours in Honolulu, Hawaii. We set sail from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor towards Waikiki on our snorkeling tour. The 38 foot Kahala Kai catamaran is spacious and accommodating with covered and open air seating areas as well as two onboard restrooms. On our turtle snorkel tour we supply are required equipment for your use at Turtle Canyon reef. The vibrant reef in Waikiki is teeming with marine life and features Hawaiian green sea turtles, huge schools of trigger fish and yellow tangs. Our guests aboard our Waikiki catamaran marvel over the immense size of these Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Turtle Canyon Snorkeling Catamaran Charters

The two hour snorkeling tour will bring you to the Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki. Amazing snorkeling site with an abundance of Hawaiian green sea turtles about the reef. Both visitors and locals alike consider Turtle Canyon reef to be the premier location for snorkeling with turtles. You will marvel over the warm crystal clear waters teeming with huge schools of tropical reef fish.


Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Waikiki

Most popular tour, the Turtle Canyon snorkeling in Waikiki. Without a doubt, snorkeling with reef turtles is the most popular and great fun for the entire family. Turtle Canyon reef is flourishing with marine life for example, three varieties of trigger fish, butterfly fish, and moorish idols. The best part is that it is located very close to all the major Waikiki beach hotels, just off shore. Do your family a favor, book a Waikiki snorkel tour at Turtle Canyon reef.

Snorkeling With Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

An amazing day snorkeling With Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Above all, the entire family will enjoy this snorkeling tour in Waikiki aboard our catamaran. Your family will marvel at the incredibly huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of trigger fish. The Kahala Kai catamaran is spacious and very accommodating featuring covered and open air seating and onboard restrooms.

Main Reason To Snorkel In Waikiki

Honolulu is know for surfing and honeymoons but the snorkeling in Waikiki is always eventful! Truly the main reason to snorkel in Waikiki is because of the Turtle Canyon reef. Above all, this reef in Waikiki is well know for the abundance of huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. And most importantly, adults and children of all ages can participate in this Waikiki snorkeling tour. Overall, our snorkeling tours in Waikiki are beloved by tourists as well as locals in Hawaii.

Snorkeling With Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Main Reason To Snorkel In Waikiki
Main Reason To Snorkel In Waikiki

The Hawaiian green sea turtles are abundant and flourishing here in Oahu. The average sized Hawaiian green sea turtle’s weight is around 250 pounds but can weigh as much as 500 pounds. These amazing green sea turtles are some of the largest know in the world. The Hawaiian green sea turtles are know to eat both plants and animals. For instance, they eat small ocean insects, worms, lobsters, crabs, sponges, sea grass and love to eat jellyfish.

Private Waikiki Catamaran Charters

Exceptional pricing on private Waikiki catamaran charters with Oahu Catamarans. Furthermore, the Kahala Kai catamaran has been serving the Hawaiian islands for over 30 years. Most importantly, our experienced captain and crew ensure your safety and enjoyment while on the catamaran charter. We are certain you’ll enjoy our afternoon snorkeling tours as well as the nightly sunset cruises. Private Waikiki catamaran charters are the best choice for example, birthday parties, family snorkeling, and of course company outings. If interested in great rates on boat rentals in Waikiki, simply check our online calendar or call us today!

Private Boat Charters

Oahu Catamarans Boat Rentals

The Kahala Kai Specializes in Waikiki boat rentals and private catamaran charters. Experience the best when choosing a private boat rental, availability for group and private charters in Honolulu. Overall, the captain and crew of Oahu Catamarans provide exceptional service and value on boat rentals in Waikiki.