Snorkel With Turtles In Waikiki

Snorkeling tours are very popular in Waikiki because they are enjoyable for people of all ages. Experience Waikiki from the sea aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran for an incredible afternoon of fun.  Every afternoon, we offer a Waikiki turtle snorkeling experience.  At Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon, You’ll snorkel amongst huge schools of coral reef fish and amazingly large Hawaiian green turtles.

Embark on a relaxing sailing trip through the beautiful waters of Oahu departing from Kewalo Basin Marina. We provide all the snorkeling equipment and some easy instruction to get you started having fun. This Turtle Canyon snorkeling tour is definitely suitable for beginners and a great afternoon of snorkeling in Waikiki that is suitable for the entire family. 

Turtle canyon in Waikiki

KahalaKai Catamaran Boat Rentals In Waikiki

Our catamaran is 38′ x 18′ in overall length, spacious, and certainly a convent rental boat in Waikiki for group and private charters. Another essential feature is the 2 restrooms on board our vessel for convenience, something many boats don’t have. Above all, our Waikiki catamaran rental is Coast Guard certified for 49 passengers on board for comfort and safety. If you’re interested in renting a private catamaran in Waikiki, call us today!

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