Private Charters Boat Rentals In Oahu

The KAHALA KAI catamaran of Oahu offers private boat tours in Honolulu. Experience a catamaran charter rental exclusively for your family and friends in Waikiki. A private boat rental is amazing for family snorkeling tours, having a privately chartered catamaran is the ultimate snorkel experience in Waikiki. There simply is no better way to enjoy the waters of Oahu than onboard our Waikiki catamaran. The best charter boat experience, especially during our snorkeling tours, is having a private boat with exclusive use for only your group. Private catamaran charters are truly less expensive than you would think. Call us today to inquire on pricing and do the math, often its the same or cheaper than group tours.

Private Waikiki Catamaran Charter Rentals
Private Waikiki Catamaran Charter Rentals

Party Boat Rentals Honolulu Catamaran Charters

Explore the waters of Hawaii on your private Honolulu catamaran charter. Relax and celebrate aboard a private party boat reserved for your group of friends and family. Our Waikiki catamaran, the KAHALA KAI is spacious, featuring both covered and open air seating, additional a rarity of two onboard restrooms. This is something guests on every party boat rental in Waikiki are envious of when nature calls.

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