Oahu Catamaran Snorkeling In Waikiki

Snorkeling In Waikiki
Snorkeling In Waikiki

Experience snorkeling in Waikiki with Oahu catamaran. With daily two hour charters departing from Kewalo basin boat harbor at 3:00pm. An incredible tour for snorkeling with turtles in Waikiki. Safe and easy fun for the entire family on vacation in Waikiki. Even beginner snorkelers will marvel at the huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of reef fish. Above all, come join our experienced team on the best snorkeling location in Waikiki.

Snorkeling With Diamond Head Views

Not only some amazing snorkeling with Turtles but also some great Diamond Head views on this tour. An incredible combination of sightseeing and snorkeling in Waikiki. We also frequently encounter huge pods of spinners dolphins on way to the snorkeling site in Waikiki. In conclusion, we believe our afternoon snorkeling tour is alarming excellent for sightseeing along the coat of Waikiki.

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