Kahala Kai Catamaran’s Turtle Snorkeling Tour

Escape the crowds at Waikiki’s beaches and embark on a unique snorkeling experience with Kahala Kai Catamaran. Overall, this fun 2-hour Turtle snorkeling tour takes guests to Waikiki and Diamond Head encountering the underwater world of Oahu.

Snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Guests will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel with Hawaiian green sea turtles and huge schools of tropical fish. Most importantly, it’s a rare chance to get up close and personal with these fascinating sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Kahala Kai Catamaran's Turtle Snorkeling Tour
Kahala Kai Catamaran’s Turtle Snorkeling Tour

Comfortable and Convenient Snorkeling Experience

Kahala Kai Catamaran prioritizes comfort and convenience with its turtle snorkeling tours. Onboard the catamaran, guests will have access to restrooms, showers, and snorkel equipment. We also feature the soothing sounds of Hawaiian music on the sail.

Daily Tours Available at 12:30 and 3:00

The turtle snorkeling tours are available daily at 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm, providing flexibility for guests with busy schedules. This is a great activity for families, couples, and friends, it will be a memorable part of your Oahu vacation.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique and intimate snorkeling experience in Oahu, be sure to book a turtle snorkeling tour with Kahala Kai Catamaran. Get ready to discover the underwater world and make lasting memories with your loved ones.

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