Honolulu Sunset Cruise Catamaran Charters

Nothing beats a relaxing Honolulu sunset cruise after a long day of tours in Hawaii. Our catamaran charters are the perfect prescription for unwinding and seeing the magnificent sunset and Waikiki’s city lights. Watch the city lights of Honolulu illuminate the Waikiki beachfront. Our Waikiki catamaran offers a two-hour sunset tour on Oahu every night. It’s also great for a Birthday Party, a truly unique way to celebrate with friends and family aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran. There simply is no better way to enjoy the sunsets on Oahu than on our Honolulu sunset sailing cruise.

Private Boat Rentals Private Charter Catamaran

The ideal private boat rental experience, especially on Waikiki sunset charters, is having a private catamaran specifically for your group. Truly the private catamaran charters are far less expensive than you may realize. Most importantly, your time in Honolulu is precious, and we are confident that our private boat rental and catamaran charters will meet your expectations. Call us today to reserve and for your convenience, check our online reservation calendar.

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