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Experience private catamaran Charters and boat rental in Waikiki for your family and friends. Have an amazing time on Honolulu’s clear tropical waters with an exclusive privately chartered catamaran cruise. Exclusive deals are now available on private Waikiki catamaran rentals and boat charters. The best charter boat experience, especially for snorkeling tours, is having a private boat with exclusive use for only your group. While in Hawaii use Oahu Catamarans for rental of your next Waikiki catamaran tour. 

Top 5 reasons for Waikiki private boat charters.

  1. Sunset Cruise, the ideal private Waikiki tour experience at the end of the busy day.
  2. Family Snorkeling, having a private catamaran is truly the ultimate snorkeling tour in Waikiki.
  3. Private Sightseeing, having a charter boat exclusively for only your group of family and friends! This is really the best way to experience the waters of Waikiki.
  4. Exclusive Boat Usage, having a private party boat in Waikiki for only your group of friends.
  5. Whale Watching, the most fun ever on a private boat rental aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran but only during whale season.

Waikiki Catamaran Private Charter Rentals

You will find that private boat rentals in Honolulu are the same price if not cheaper than most group tour rates. The Kahala Kai catamaran is affordable and accommodating, with ample covered seating and open-air benches. Dependable boat rentals in Honolulu are available but very limited, be sure to call us today to reserve your catamaran charter in Honolulu.

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