Best Snorkeling In Waikiki

Many ask where is the best snorkeling in Waikiki? Visitors to Oahu know all two well the secret. After shopping in Waikiki and above all, the thought of visiting more stores is over welling, go snorkeling at turtle canyon. Family friendly snorkeling location in Waikiki with amazingly large Hawaii green sea turtles. In addition to turtles. schools of tropical fish are always about.

Visiting Turtle Canyon in Honolulu Hawaii

Located just off the coastline in Waikiki is Turtle Canyon reef. This is a great shallow location in Waikiki for Snorkeling and swimming about. One of the best for example, is the amazingly large Hawaiian green sea turtles being cleaned by schools of reef fish.

Turtle canyon in Waikiki
Turtle canyon in Waikiki

The Kahala Kai catamaran is the perfect charter boat for snorkeling having shaded seating, easy access ladder and onboard restrooms. We are certain your family will enjoy your trip with us. In conclusion, to ensure the best snorkeling in Waikiki be sure to check out our schedule and reserve space today!

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