The Real Truth About Snorkeling In Waikiki

Snorkeling In Waikiki
Snorkeling In Waikiki
Snorkeling In Waikiki

With some research you’ll soon discover the real truth about snorkeling in Waikiki.
Is it a safe and entertaining experience suited for the whole family? Overwhelming yes is the answer but, choosing the best charter boat in Honolulu can be challenging. Kahala Kai catamaran in Oahu has served guests for years and most importantly, committed to providing safe tours. If you’re a newbie or advanced snorkeler, you want to choose a boat charter in Honolulu you can depend upon.

Waikiki Charter Boat Snorkeling With Turtles

Just imagine your family snorkeling around Hawaii green sea turtles, admiring the beautiful waters of Waikiki. The blue pacific waters, light trade winds and serene setting a highlight you’ll remember for years. Be sure to take lots of pictures as you’ll certainly be the envy of friends back home. The Kahala Kai catamaran features open air and shaded seating, easy entry ladder and two onboard restrooms. In conclusion, the truth about snorkeling is Waikiki is that it’s amazing!

Why Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours Are Amazing

Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours
Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours
Waikiki Sunset Sailing Tours

One of the top question asked by visitors is “Where can I watch the sunset in Waikiki?” truthfully the answer is from an ocean view. Our Waikiki sunset sailing tours tend to be the most memorable and intimate experiences our guest take back home. If your ready to see an amazing sunset from an incredible viewpoint we have you covered! Above all, we want to ensure your experience aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran is the highlighted tour on your Hawaiian vacation.

Oahu Catamarans offers unforgettable memories as the Hawaiian sunsets into the horizon. Experience an array of light while on the pacific ocean. The serene adventure uniqueness of Diamond Head and the Waikiki skyline at sunset is amazing. Overall, whether you’re looking to get out for an adventure on our catamaran or snorkel about turtle canyon reef, satisfy your adventurous side with one of our unique tours in Waikiki!

5 Best Honolulu Party Boat Ideas

Best Honolulu Party Boat
Best Honolulu Party Boat
Best Honolulu Party Boat – Toga Party Cruise

With lots of tours available in Hawaii, here are the 5 Best Honolulu Party Boat ideas on our list of things to do.

1. Birthday Party Sailing Charter

Welcome aboard our party boat and cast off to sea. Looking to throw a amazing birthday party? Remember, birthdays only come once a year make it a special event. Of course there are numerous things one can do for their birthday. For example, you cango to Restaurants, to a bars, you can picnic, or you can rent a party boat! Forget The Restaurant, plan your party onboard our catamaran! Plan a unique birthday celebration, something out of the ordinary. Everyone will have a great time aboard your private boat rental! Renting a party boat and going out with a private charter in Honolulu might just be the perfect option!

2. Snorkeling With Turtles

What can be more adventurous than Snorkeling With Turtles in Waikiki? Jump into the Hawaiian waters and snorkel with your friends aboard the Kahala Kai catamaran. Get in on the incredible snorkeling action surrounded by huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. You’ll have the time of your life with your entire crew in the tropical waters of Hawaii. Be sure to bring along some snacks and cold beverages as snorkeling adventures can make you hungry!

3. Sunset Sail

An unforgettable Hawaiian experience aboard our Sunset Sail. If you’ve been out on tours all day, it’s time for some rest and relaxation with a sunset sail. At the end of the day, there is nothing more serine than watching the sunset in Waikiki at sea.

4. Fireworks Cruise

Although only only on Friday evening, a Fireworks Cruise in Waikiki is amazing! Every Friday night experience Hilton Hawaiian Village’s amazing fireworks! Another weekly event to see is the Waikiki Yacht Club sailboat races. Views from our catamaran on this special sunset cruise are incredible. It’s a tour that is highly recommended by Hawaii’s locals for celebrations, families outings, company groups, and private parties.

5. Special Events

Does your bucket list include a private boat charters in Honolulu?. Nothing is more memorable than a special event held on a private catamaran in Honolulu. Its a truly unique and highly recommend boat charter with the locals in Oahu. If you have an upcoming special event, we will help make it a huge success! With our boat charter rentals, you can get out on the Hawaiian waters in style with light trade winds and endless sunshine. If you’re looking to rent a party boat then looks no further we have you covered! If you’re wondering about the cost to rent a party boat for your special event, you’ll be amazed how affordable it is. In conclusion, if you are you ready to book your catamaran rental and special event, then call us today or book online.

Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii

Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii
Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii
Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii

Our Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Oahu tours depart at 3pm daily consequently its conveniently located close to Waikiki Beach hotels. Depart on a relaxing sail through Oahu’s beautiful waters from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. Enjoy a trip along the Waikiki Coast to the snorkeling site, Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki. Relax and take in the incredible Diamond Head views and the calm pacific seas of Waikiki.

Once arriving at Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon you’ll enjoy snorkeling among large schools of reef fish, and large Hawaiian green sea turtles. Swim and snorkel amongst some of Waikiki’s most amazing reefs, and take in the serenity of a afternoon catamaran sail. This snorkeling spot is known by locals for the huge numbers of Hawaiian green sea turtles that swim amongst the reef in Waikiki.

While snorkeling with schools of reef fish swim around, you’ll notice several sea turtles come up to the surface to say Hello. Meanwhile, even the spectators relaxing on the boat will be amazed by the size of these huge turtles in Waikiki. We also frequently spot the spinner dolphins as they play alongside the bow of the catamaran.

Snorkeling with sea turtles at Waikiki’s Turtle Canyon

 In conclusion, we are sure you’ll love the Turtle Canyon Snorkeling In Oahu Hawaii. Simply put, a great afternoon of Snorkeling in Waikiki. We provide all snorkeling equipment and basic instruction. This Turtle Canyon Snorkeling tour is suitable for even first timer snorkelers. Just jump into the refreshing waters of Waikiki and snorkel with turtles, schools of fish, and some incredible marine life.

Honolulu Sunset Cruise, Oahu Hawaii

Sunset on Oahu, Sailing Cruise.

We all love and cherish our Hawaiian Vacation memories but often, never take time to watch the sunset. Experience the exceptions views from our boat charter in Oahu, Hawaii.

Honolulu Sunset Cruise
Honolulu Sunset Cruise

Whom doesn’t love an incredible Honolulu sunset cruise? There is something amazing when watching the sun fall beneath Honolulu’s horizon. It’s truly a magical moment seeing the unique green flash of light as the sunsets in Oahu. Enjoy your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy our Honolulu sunset cruise.

In conclusion, you must experience the beautiful sunsetting views of Honolulu from the vantage of our catamaran boat charter. Consequently, we have amazingly low rates for group or private boat charters in Honolulu. Above all, call us today or simply book below on our online reservation calendar.