5 Best Reasons To Snorkel In Oahu

Snorkeling in Oahu is probably the best activity for families wishing to encounter sea turtles. Our favorite location in Oahu is the Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki. In fact we now have boat charters to Turtle Canyon twice a day. Both the 12:30 and 3:00 tour times are great for viewing the huge Hawaiian green sea turtles. Listed below are the 5 best reasons to snorkel in Oahu

5 Best Reasons To Snorkel In Oahu
5 Best Reasons To Snorkel In Oahu
  • While snorkeling you’ll encounter an abundance of amazingly large green sea turtles are located here on Oahu.
  • The variety of sea life found on the island of Oahu ensures an entertaining snorkeling tour.
  • Warm tropical waters and light trade winds ensure a comfortable environment while snorkeling.
  • Oahu’s Turtle Canyon reef is an excellent location for snorkeling with younger family members in a safe environment.
  • The Kahala Kai catamaran he’s been providing quality snorkeling boat charters in Oahu for 20+ years.

Our Oahu catamaran is 40’ x18’, with spacious open air and covered seating. Another great feature is the twin restrooms onboard. The crew of the Kahala Kai catamaran have been navigating the waters of Hawaii for over 20+ years and will ensure a safe voyage. To reserve your snorkeling tour in Oahu, either book online or simply call us.

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